2022-09-19 Release Notes - Recognition Improvements, Warnings, and Optimisations



  • Greatly improved recognition accuracy of my nemesis, the “eye perks” - they’re still not perfect but I’ve added some new metrics to help me improve them further
  • Added a warning message & tinted icons to the Recognition Display for really problematic icons (aka the eye perks as they’re not 100% - it seemed a little nicer than having them all spit out as unknown)
  • Moved Items and Offerings over to the new user trained system that has been in use for perks over the last few weeks (recognition rates are slightly improved but are still lower than I’d like - I’ll look at them move when I’ve recovered some sanity)
  • Added support for multiple versions of a perk (and with it the non-DLC versions of the Stranger Things perks) to the identification system
  • Reduced upload processing times by nearly 60%