2022-12-18 Release Notes - Match List Rework, Build Challenge Additions, & More!

It’s a bit of a random update this one, I’ve tried to work through a bunch of smaller tasks on my list while laying some more foundations for upcomming additions (there’s some really cool stuff coming soon, I can’t wait to share it with you).

If you’re reading this the week it’s released there’s several giveaways going on at Giveaways - NightLight!

Matches Page Rework

The matches page has been updated to use the new advanced filtering system. This offers much greater flexibility in searching for matches but does unfortunately mean that the top tables/count bar is no more. Also, the table itself has been remade and the Match Preview has made a return.

Build Challenge

There are a few additions to this in the works but this update brings a long overdue and requested feature - a way to view the builds you have claimed. You can find it on the build challenge page and it allows seeing your recently claimed builds and also gives the option to filter them.

New Date Picker

I’m mainly mentioning this one as I’d welcome any feedback you may have. For various reasons I finally gave in and spent a weekend building a date picker for NightLight from scratch. I’ve tried to make it funtion somewhat similarly to what we had previously but importantly, it removes the need for several hacky workarounds for NightLight’s existing and upcomming features.



  • Match Page Rework
    • Added the Advanced Filters
    • Readded the Match Preview
    • Recreated the Table (there’s still some work to do on it)
  • Build Challenge Improvements
    • Added a Claimed Build viewer
    • Rebuilt the unique build storage system to massively improve performance and allow querying in new ways (such as the above)
  • New, custom Date Picker
  • Upload Page processing list changes
    • Added an “Uploaded Previously” Override (this provides a way to reupload a deleted screenshot without having to rename the file)
    • Added the Match preview (for convenience the “view” link for each match has been replaced with the preview, this provides an easier way to pre-set the map)
  • Dashboard Style Updates
    • Updated the visual style of the summary and Friend Activity charts (as well as doubling the period shown for the latter)
    • Improved the placeholder UIs for new users


  • Prestige is now (correctly) marked as 0 rather than none/blank by default if anything else is recognised for a player
    • Previous matches have been updated where possible (since 6.4.0 as prior to that an in game bug existed which could cause no prestige to be displayed).
  • Bloodpoints have been corrected to 0 rather than none/blank for players with anything recognised in existing matches
  • Added a total Item count to the Item usage chart’s tooltip
  • Default characters are now unlocked by default on the Unlocks page (at least for PC)
  • Increased the Friend Activity graph from 14 to 28 days
  • Changed the date format used in most places to something more consistent and hopefully universally understandable
  • Bought the Knight out of the shadows and into the Light (in the form of long overdue renders)
  • Migrated a bunch more code over to the “new” framework behind the UI

Bug Fixes:

  • OVERVIEW: Fixed a bug which could cause the Item usage chart to not group items correctly
  • OVERVIEW: Fixed a bug which could cause the Item usage chart to fail to render when there was only one item type present
  • OVERVIEW: Fixed a bug which could cause a single Build filter to have no effect when used at the match level
  • OVERVIEW: Fixed a bug which could cause an error when using the Build filter
  • OVERVIEW: Fixed players with the alive status being incorrectly included in the Bloodpoint chart
  • PERK PAGES: Fixed a bug which caused the tab name to be incorrect
  • PERKS AND BUILDS: Fixed a bug which allowed perkless characters to appear in the “Usage By Character” tables
  • PERKS AND BUILDS: Fixed a UI bug which caused the builds stats to show only 2 of the 4 perks
  • RECOGNITION DISPLAY: Fixed a bug which prevented the character name editor from displaying
  • DASHBOARD: Fixed an uncommon rounding issue which affected the “14 Day Summary” cards
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