2024-05-20 - Linux Support Beta - NightLight Desktop 1.3.x

With this release there’s now a Linux build available in alpha, take a look at #desktop-for-linux in the Discord if you’re interested!

  • Auto-capture: Tentatively fixed an issue which meant player banners could prevent a scoreboard from being recognised
  • Auto-capture: Fixed an issue with capturing when Dead by Daylight isn’t on the primary display
  • Auto-capture: Made an experimental change to help with recognising scoreboards that are affected by filters or the deep-wound darkness effect
  • Match review: Fixed an issue which prevented the map input from resetting when reviewing multiple matches
  • Packs: Added an “unlisted” prompt/info text to unlisted packs. Packs can be unlisted instead of deleted as a compromise to allow existing users to download depreciated packs they love (which is often useful when reinstalling or getting a new PC)
  • Packs: Added support for the new “magic items” in 8.0.0
  • Settings: Added the ability to click on the folder input as well as the edit button to edit it

2024-05-20 NightLight Desktop 1.3.1


  • Fixed an issue which meant the Linux build could try to fight it’s existence and update to the Windows
    version - if you downloaded 1.3.0 for Linux you’ll need to download it again to supress those desires, sorry!