Ability to add short notes to matches

Just thought it could be a nice feature if there was an option to add short a short message to a match (possibly under advanced options). These could be used as notes about gifted hatches or escapes, to potentially edit that in if matches eventually become editable and that becomes its own stat. Other uses might include just personal notes about how the game went, or if something special happened in it, or to place a link to a video or stream recording of the match.

I’ve actually been wanting to add this for a while but the couple of people I’ve mentioned it too (understandably) weren’t all that enthusiastic so it’s not high up on the to-do list. When I added match sharing, I coded it in a way that would let me add comments that could appear for all instances of a match (so you could have your comments shared and poke a bit of fun at your friends or whatever with match sharing).

I’d personally love to code this, it would be fun to add. If it gets few upvotes I might move it up the list but otherwise it’ll probably be a while before it appears. Thanks for the request!

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Don’t really see a point on this tbh.

It’s better to add more options to mark specific things the stats are not taking in account now.

I mean I absolutely agree with that. I just figured a general note input field would be a lot easier to code than all the specific stuff, and could serve as a nice temporary placeholder until everything else is implemented.

I agree that it’s not a priority - I will definitely add inputs for other stats before this but I still think this has a place and would be nice to have at some point down the road.

I actually do like this idea especially if we can embed a link to a clip or such. I tend to take notes on things to review in matches. Like I just had a match as killer and a survivor was doing a really great job looping me in an area I’m not really familiar with. So I wrote down I wanted to go back and review that footage for looping ideas in the future. I do understand this not really being a priority though.