Add a way to manually enter data

Can you add a way to manually add matches without uploading screenshots?

I realise this is something a few of you are interested in but there’s a couple of reasons I likely won’t be adding this any time soon.

Here’s my reasoning:

  • What I set out to create with NightLight was an alternative to using spreadsheets for stats and with that, I wanted to remove the need to enter data manually and I put a lot of work into avoiding it wherever possible.
  • There’s currently 40 odd data points collected for each match and I’m not sure how many people would be interested in entering that manually.
  • Designing a UI and the supporting systems to support this would take a fair bit of time which I think could better benefit a larger audience by working on other features.
  • The main reasoning I’ve seen for wanting this is lack of screenshot support, I’d rather try and tackle that rather than adding some sort of work around like this.

I do see the desire for such a feature though and I won’t rule it out as a possibility at some point in the future, it just likely won’t be any time soon, sorry.

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