Advansed statistics

I started using this service (i really like), but I don’t see clear statistics:

  • Win rate by survivor (win = escaped from match)
  • Win rate for offerings (and for maniac)
  • Win rate for item (and for maniac)
  • Win rate for perks which I use for the survivor (and for maniac)
  • Escape rate for my perks (number escaped survivors)
  • Win rate game with my friends
  • Blood points rate for perks (numbers blood point which i use certain perk)
  • Kill Rate for perk which i use by for the maniac
  • How many drops when playing with different perks (for “how many drops …” can you add additional field for match statistic)?

Can you help me and add this points to overview page?

General win rate is already implemented if you’re using the correct filters in the overview page

Win rate by survivor:


The problem with filtering stats by offerings that affect winrate (maps, sacrificial wards, hook distance, luck, chest, hatch, fog, mori) is that although for example map offerings might be common in general, each specific map offering is quite rare, making stats about it pretty meaningless. To give an example, here’s the survivor offerings that were used in my last 489 games

The first gameplay affecting offering is in 9th place (Petrified Oak) with only 16 uses, compare this with the 624 Arcane Dowsing Rods that were played and you can start to see why filtering by specific offerings might create meaningless statistics.

If you really want filters for offerings, I’d recommend making a custom tag for it and grouping specific gameplay affecting offerings together (e.g. “Survivor Map Offering”, “Killer Map Offering”, etc.). Using my stats as an example, grouping all survivor map offerings together gives me 54 out of 489 games having a survivor map offering (11%), and 10 out of 284 (3.5%) games having a killer map offering (Filtering out my killer games since I never use map offerings)

I’m sorry, but in some moments I expressed myself inaccurately.

  • I meant the win rate as a share of my personal escapes from the match. The “Escapes Peer Trial” block implies statistics on all my teammates.
  • “Survivors block” implies for each specific survivor, but I can’t figure out how to express this coefficient for everyone (I’m interested in how I play in general, regardless of the specific survivor).
  • Regarding the offering, I understood - thank you! But the frequent use of Arcane Dowsing Rod is now due to an event, not general statistics (it seems). In general, I understand your idea.

Personal escapes can be done with the following filters