Announcing NightLight Giveways (starting off with 5 Project W DLCs!)

I have wanted to add this for so long now… a huge thanks to @JKiyo for reaching out and providing 3 Project W DLCs which gave me the push I needed to add Giveaways.

The first giveaway consists of 5 Project W DLCs - 3 for supporters and an additional 2 for anyone who uploads and reviews 5 new matches with their Discord account linked (you’ve also got to be in the NightLight discord - mainly because that’s where you enter :wink:).

I’ve added the upload requirement partly as I think it’s a bit of fun but also because I want to make sure the DLCs go to the awesome users of NightLight :heart:

The giveaways are conducted through a Discord bot as it’s a neutral 3rd party which will hopefully prevent any issues arising with the draw.

Any feedback on the giveaways is greatly welcomed.

Good Luck!