Artist not showing in "Killers" bar graph on Overview page

After having uploaded a few matches where I played as The Artist, I noticed that in the bar graph on the Overview, her count still shows at 0. Please let me know if any other details might help!

On an aside, just discovered the app today (I’d just begun tracking matches manually in Excel earlier this month, so what a godsend), and loving it. Thank you!

Hey, that’s a curious one. I’ve just had a look through the first things that sprung to mind and couldn’t see anything amiss. I’m now wondering if there’s be a bug with the timezone conversion as you’re a little ways from GMT. If that’s the case I’d expect those matches will appear now - regardless, I’ll have a closer look when I’ve got some more time later on.

I think you must be right on this one, as my matches have now shown up. The first set of matches I’d uploaded were with old screenshots, and so likely updated my Overview immediately.

However the “real-time” matches with The Artist were using Steam’s auto naming format, and so possibly the timezone conversion was inadvertently future-dating my matches? Either way, they have appeared now and so this isn’t a major concern, just minor inconvenience.

Thank you for taking a look!