Beta Support for Other Platforms

It’s finally here… sort of. You can now upload screenshots from platforms other than Steam to NightLight! There’s a bit of a catch in that other screenshots aren’t yet “officially” supported - by that I mean you can upload them but a couple of things won’t work or work properly.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Matches won’t have the proper match date - it will use the upload time instead. For obvious reasons, this will mean the accuracy of time based filters and stats will depend on how long you wait before uploading each match.
  • “Previous upload” checking will be disabled
  • Duplicate match checking will be disabled
  • Matches won’t be included in global stats
  • Possible other weirdness, this hasn’t been a trivial addition and there will probably be bugs

Basically, you’re on your own when it comes to preventing duplicate matches from unsupported platforms.

As screenshots are uploaded, I’ll be working to add “official” support as I gather enough information about each platform.

I’ve been made aware that at the very least controller on PC seems to move the UI which causes
screenshots to go unrecognised, this may well be the case for console screenshots as well. After a few have been uploaded I’ll know what is needed and will work to sort any issues like this that arise.