Cannot select killer, defaulting to Deathslinger

If I screenshot the game before the killers perks are revealed it is set to Deathslinger. Is there no option to choose what killer you faced?

Hey! I’m not entirely sure what’s going on there, if the game hasn’t ended it should regard the killer as being unknown. Would you be able to go to the matches page, click view on that match and send me the ID from the bottom of the window that opens? I’ll definitely take a look and see what’s going on.

You can’t currently edit the killer as it shouldn’t ever need changing, that being said I’ll probably add a way to because mistakes can happen.

here is one of the IDs
ID: 83561947563704320

otherwise no issues, it’s a great website!

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Thanks for that, I’ve just been taking a look and I’ve found an issue that affects the recognition of a very small percentage of killers. I’m working on a fix now which should be out in a few hours and I’ll correct the affected games.

Thanks for the report and I’m glad you like the site!

Sorry for the delayed reply, I ended up with a busy afternoon. I released a fix for new matches yesterday and existing ones should now be corrected. Thanks again for letting me know and please let me know if you find any more issues :slight_smile: