Current Status of Grade Recognition (updated)

Hey all, you might have noticed grades aren’t yet recognised. I’m working on getting things updated to support them but it’s slightly complicated as until now I haven’t needed to rely on colour to this great of a degree. In addition to that, I don’t yet have all that many screenshots to work with so any uploads are greatly appreciated.

As part of yesterday’s update I built a system that let’s me queue screenshots to be re-identified and automatically updated, you may have noticed I used that to update all previous matches with items & offerings. As I realise manually setting grades to their rank equivalent is a royal pain I’ll likely adapt and use this system to update grades when they’re supported as well. This is of course assuming I can get grades to be identified properly but I’m optimistic.

What this means is if you so wish, you can ignore them on the match review screen and I’ll hopefully be able to update them all for you soon™. One catch I will mention is if there’s anything it doesn’t end up identifying, you can’t currently manually review it “after the fact” (for info, the standard identification rates are between around 96.5 to 99.9% depending on icon).

Grade recognition is now live!

It’s not quite in it’s final state - recognition is only at around 92% and there’s a ever so slight inaccuracy (about 0.3%). I’ll be improving recognition over the next few days as screenshots are uploaded from rank reset.

As I did with Items and Offerings, all matches from before this update have been reidentified and matches with recognised grades have been automatically updated. Matches will be updated again as I make improvements to recognition so matches will be as complete and accurate as possible.

There will hopefully be a small update for the rank charts tomorrow and then apart from working on recognition, I’ll be starting work on the next set of features.