Dashboard & Visual Improvements, Profile Character Selector & Bug Fixes

Small update today, I'd intended to include a new stat page with this but the idea I had for it didn't prove to be quite as useful as I wanted in that context. As to not delay these other changes further, I've decided to release them without the new page.

This update includes a variety of small visual improvements as well as two Profile setting additions, namely customizable header characters (for Supporters), and a gaming mode toggle on the dashboard for convenience.



  • Added a profile header character selector for Supporters (can be found in profile settings, only killers are included for the moment as I don’t yet have renders of the survivors)
  • Added a profile gaming mode toggle and link to the dashboard for convenience


  • Reworked the layout of the dashboard slightly
  • Made many minor layout and text changes around the site for desktop and mobile
  • Adjusted the display area for a few graphs
  • Optimised image loading on perk pages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some chart tooltips not correctly grouping
  • Fixed the Killers chart Y bars sometimes overshooting the Y axis values
  • Fixed a few edge case bugs