Different way to see stats if only one Killer is selected - Win Streak feature

Hi everyone, today I would like to propose two changes/features:

1 - A different way to see stats if I select a specific Killer;
That’s a small change - why I should see this box (1) if I selected a specific Killer?
(1) 1

Same question about Kill Rate, in my opinion, it would be better to see a box like this (2) instead of the current one.

I also think the “Most Seen Killer” stat is pretty useless in this page.

2 - New Feature I would like to see: Win Streak
This can be seen by selecting a specific Killer, maybe there could be “Longest Win Streak” and “Current Win Streak” while in the Overview Page (and/or user’s public profile) there could be “Killer with Longest Win Streak”.

What do you think?

One potential problem I’m seeing with the second suggestion is that there’s no clear definition for a win. Some people might strictly define it as 4K only. For others, a 3K might be enough to be considered a win, as the last survivor getting away is often left to chance. Or you might say a 3K is only enough if you voluntarily let the last person escape or give them hatch, but there’s no way to specify that yet when you upload a match. But if that was possible, and if you could somehow set your own win definition on the site, this could be a really cool feature.

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Yeah maybe the feature could be OFF by default, and you need to set what a win is for you (4K,3K,3K + Hatch, etc) to enable it and start counting

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I agree with that graph becoming mainly superfluous, I could look at replacing it with a single value at some point although it’s a lot of space for just that.

Yeah, it’s one of the stats I find somewhat interesting but it’s not really good enough to earn that spot. It’s mainly there for lack of a better idea with the stats I had to work with. Ideas for a replacement are welcome.

This has been something I’ve long debated, my latest thoughts are if I were to do that I’d likely set a win as “4k or 3k with hatch” for a couple of reasons. Firstly, from a querying standpoint it would likely be a whole lot simpler than with varying options. Secondly, I feel that while NL has the obvious problem of being manipulated relatively easily (by selectively uploading screenshots) stats should still be as comparable as possible and being able to lower/vary the standard for a win really defeats that.

I was going to ask for people’s thoughts on this when I got closer to working on it but what do you think of it working like that? Is that definition of a win reasonable?

Another consideration for this is the case of something like Otz’s 50 win streaks - it might be the case that not all the games you play on a killer are part of the streak. You might take breaks and do meme builds or something. Should I add a way to specify this? Would it as I fear just be abused or wrongly used? Is that enough to deny everyone the option? It’s a nuanced thing and I’m not too sure what I’d want to do.

As a final note because I know it will come up when I work on win streaks. I realise “win streaks” are highly debated in the community and can be of questionable value - I’d likely add it because it still has value/meaning to some. I’m also not going to ignore a stat that’s legitimately calculated just because it might not be as meaningful or healthy for the game as counting hooks or whatever else.

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