Escape Types, 30 Day Build Challenge Leaderboard, Bug Fixes

Hey all, the last couple of weeks haven't quite been ideal for me and I've been working on several things behind the scenes so today's update isn't the biggest I've ever released. That being said, I've been continuing to work through requests and this update brings you two more.

Escape Types

You can now specify the type of escape during match review, this can be used to track Given, Hatch, & Hatch (Key) escapes. These are then displayed on the Overview’s Outcomes chart. It’s worth noting that Given escapes are regarded as kills in any kill/escape calculations.

Build Challenge 30 Day Leaderboards

Following on from the release of the Build Challenge, I’ve added a 30 day leaderboard which is shown by default. There’s a new toggle to view the all time leaderboard as well. This should make things a little more “competitive” for newer users.

Recognition Improvements

I’ve made some improvements in grade recognition and accuracy, as always there’s still a little ways to go in terms of recognition rates but things are greatly improved. Unfortunately, as I expected, some grades had a very slight inaccuracy but that’s now been mostly corrected. I’ll keep an eye on how this update does and make any further tweaks as necessary.

In addition to grade improvements, I’ve also done a pass on perks, killers, items, and offerings so there should once again be less to review (particularly when it comes to newer perks and Cenobite).



  • Added escape type selection (given escapes, hatch escapes, key escapes)
  • Added 30 day Build Challenge leaderboard


  • Improve recognition rates in most areas and improved grade recognition accuracy
  • Changed grade “start date” to rank reset to more clearly divide the purpose of grades and ranks
  • Improved the embed text when sharing Profile links
  • Added Cenobite renders
  • Added support for Xbox screenshots (provided the cursor is placed in the top left corner when taking the screenshot)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause match share builds to not be counted in the leaderboard and corrected the totals
  • Fixed some match preview styling not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue causing profile avatars to be slightly oval
  • Fixed the elipsis on the Matches page table from being highlighted when hovered