Feature that allows to share profile

It would be really cool making user profiles and share them with friends (for example, i want to put the link in my Steam bio)

Couldn’t agree more - I don’t want to reveal too much but this is already in the works (albeit at an early stage). I do have a fairly decent idea of what they will look like but if you or anyone else have any requests for what goes on them, please let me know, I’d love to hear.

i would like to see on my profile the main stats : average kill rate, kill rate for each killer, how many times i played a killer

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maybe you can allow this feature only for premium users

It’s a thought but I don’t want to put core functionality of the site behind any sort of “paywall” more than I need to in order to keep the site sustainable. I imagine public profiles will go a long way towards increasing awareness of the site too. What I’ll most likely do is something similar to Discord and limit the customisation for non-supporters. Once I’ve fleshed out the design a bit more I’ll ask for some input and work out where the line is going to be.

:ok_hand: Sounds good, those should all be on there.

@MrGrimes hey! Good to see a familiar face here.

@Boop that sounds fair. Maybe have the feature available for free with basic information and allow payed users to have more information available or even customize their profiles.

@Norseman Yeah, something like that may work, initially what you can have on there will be fairly set in stone but as I get feedback and add more then maybe some more advanced things could just be available to supporters. In the initial release the differences should be pretty much cosmetic though.

No guarantees but I’m hoping to potentially get something released in the next couple of days :wink:

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This has now been added!

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