Games were deleted from the overwiew

At one point over 30 of my killer games (Some survivor games too) were deleted in the Overview category, but can be seen in the profile that i have played them.
Can i correct the Overview stats somehow?

Hey, are you using any filters which might affect it? If they’re showing on your profile they’re still there so I’d be surprised if they’re not showing.

The only reason matches should “dissapear” is if they fall outside of the history period (currently 60 days, or 720 for Supporters).

Hey, ty for the reply. In my understanding i got no filters on ( i clicked almost everything one time to see if anything changes ) and my first upload was a couple days more than a month ago so i dont think that this is the problem :slight_smile:

Hmm, that is weird. Would you be able to share a couple of screenshots from the Overview & your profile which show the difference?

I hope this is what you wanted :slight_smile:

Sorry for the slow reply - that’s perfect, it looks like you’ve got matches going back to the 10th and the date range in that screenshot is set to the 16th (it defaults to 30 days I believe). Does that account for the difference?

OMG yeahr it does accounr for the difference.
Thank you so much