Gens Completed Data

A way to manually enter how many gens were completed in a match. A 4k with 5 gens up is different than a 4k with 0 gens.

I’ve set up custom tags for this, but in practice it’s unreliable since it’s not captured anywhere on the end game reports. But custom tags cover this quite nicely - just have to remember the number of gens remaining & to enter it each match.

I play on PS4 (and now PC!) but on PS4 I will take a screenshot of the emd screen and i send it either to one of my friends who also plays or to my 2nd dummy account and i add a note with the map, number of gens, if there was any BM or farming and if anyone got hatch. Since the message stays with the screenshot it makes it super easy later when I upload and review.

Not sure if you have this as an option but I felt it was worth mentioning… Cheers and Good Hunting (or Survivng)!