Improved Identifier, Map selection & Match flags

Hey all, it’s update time again, I’ve released a rework of the identifier that improves perk recognition, added match map selection, and added three match flags.

General changes:

  • Renamed the old dashboard to “Overview” and added this page in its place
  • Added map selection under an “advanced” toggle on the match review screen
  • Added a way to mark a match as a farming game - this will exclude the match from escape/kill rate stats
  • Improved the matches page slightly, the table now shows maps and the new flags (and the table is now interactive).
  • Made the email field on the account page “Click to reveal” (This one’s for you, streamers :heart:)

Identifier Changes:

  • Perk slots without a perk should now be consistently recognised
  • Improved the recognition rates of several common perks
  • Improved the accuracy of Object/Deja Vu/Kindred, they’re not perfect but it’s a lot better. I’ll be looking at this some more.