Kill/Escape stats per map, or per map and killer

I’d be interested in the ability to see how many escapes/kills/other outcomes there are on each individual map, and possibly as an extension to that, the ability to see which killers perform best on certain maps. This would probably make the most sense to be a collection of global stats, as it would otherwise need a large amount of data from each individual data collected over long periods of time in order to be useful.

I do rather like this idea and it’s something that’s sort of on the to-do list already. There’s a lot of stats which fall into the same sort of category as this though and that is I’m not entirely sure what to group it with. As you say though, having this at least primarily be just a global stat would probably make the most sense given how relatively few games the majority of people have. I’ll be giving this some more thought and hopefully it won’t be too long before I can add it!

I voted this because I was going to suggest a similar thing.

Having global stats for killer kill rates per rank would be great. I think this could also bring a lot of attention to the site because it would be something people would consult upon and as more and more people starting using this app, the data would be much more valuable.

I just realized something.

@BritishBoop if 2 different people upload the same screenshot, do you manage to understand it is the same match? It’s not a big deal right now but if this app starts getting popularity, having a match count multiple times might be problematic.

That’s a very valid concern and as you’re probably glad to hear, is something I’ve been thinking about since the beginning. As it stands currently, I think it’s highly unlikely the same match is uploaded more than once in any circumstance other than SWF. Ultimately, I intend to extend my personal match deduplication logic to a global level to exclude any duplicates from global stats. For the mean time though, one of the main motivations behind match sharing was to handle SWF duplicates and from what I can tell, it’s gone a long way towards sorting that.

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I agree, it’s one of the next things I’ll be adding! I’ve held off on a lot of global stats simply because of the sample size and any biases in the data I’ve got. It’s a bit of a balancing act between adding things to interest new people and limiting stats which might be unrepresentative of a larger picture.

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