Limit options for unrecognized status icons to what's actually possible

When a player’s status icon can’t be recognized, currently you get to pick the correct option from all available status icons for both killers and survivors. However, there are certain status icons that can only show up for one role. As far as I know, killers can only have the “Killer” or “Disconnected” icons, while survivors can obviously never have the “Killer” icon. It might make sense to only show the applicable options depending on the player’s role, which should be clear due to the icon’s location.

This may not be a very important change, since you can simply not choose these wrong options while reviewing a screenshot. However, it has happened to me a couple of times now that I almost picked “Killer” when the icon was actually “Sacrificed” (because it’s a skull and I just automatically make that association).

You’ve got me sat here wondering why I haven’t done that already - love the idea, I’ll definitely look at adding it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Just added this in today’s update!

More info: Shrine History and Improvements & Bug Fixes