Match Sharing, Friends, Forum, Resident Evil Chapter and more

Today's update adds a feature I've wanted since the beginning - match sharing. With this, anytime you select a friend on match review, you'll get the option to chose which friend it is on NightLight. For each friend you select, a verified copy of the match will be created and appear in their own stats too. No more will everyone in a stack need to upload the same match or remember to take the screenshot in the first place! Also, as a bonus, there's nothing to stop you from sharing matches with friends who don't play the steam version of the game.

Of course, to be able to share matches with friends you need to be able to have friends and as such this update includes a friend system which you can find at This system took a bit of putting together but I’m really excited for the things I can do with it in the future.

This update also includes a number of appearance, QOL, and performance improvements and changes. Here’s a somewhat complete list of them:


Major changes:

  • Added a forum ( to provide a better place for the FAQ, updates, feature requests and more.
  • Added a friends system
  • Added match sharing with friends
  • Added the Resident Evil Chapter perks, map, and killer
  • Added a way to view matches on the match list page (not edit yet - that’s a little more complicated to do and will be added in a future update, sorry)
  • Added a notification system (this will alert you to friend requests and match shares)

Small/QOL changes:

  • Made the “What’s new” section of the dashboard show posts from #announcements on the forum
  • Added shard costs and Bloodpoint rewards to the Shrine page
  • Made perk stats viewable without logging in
  • Changed how perk pages are rendered so sharing links results in more useful embeds
  • Clarified which platforms are supported when registering
  • Added a referral code system - this doesn’t yet do anything other than keep track of who you referred (there you go the couple of people who asked).
  • Improved sign up & password reset emails
  • Added positional counts to the top perk lists on the Overview

Identifier changes:

  • Added the Resident Evil DLC’s perks and killer
  • Added the new small game icon

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some match review logic not applying to non-upload session match reviews
  • Fixed a couple of perks failing to load perk data on perk pages
  • Fixed the “Unknown” map being included in the Dashboard’s unique map count
  • Fixed the shrine clipping the top of it’s container

Note: you will have been signed out as part of this update but at least you get to look at some images of boats… or trucks… or planes… who know’s what it might be?

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