Nightlight Global Leaderboard

What I suggest is a Global Leaderboard that work something like this:
PlayerName1 - 100 - 56
PlayerName2 - 87 - 32
PlayerName3 - 65 - 110

Obviously you can sort the two columns (or create a different Leaderboard for Kills)

What do you think?

I like the idea and as the site grows I’m less adverse to adding something like this. It’ll probably be something I do eventually but of course, if there’s enough interest I can look to prioritise it.

If I were to add this what would be preferable in terms of what data is included, “last 30 days”, “all time” or something else? All time would likely be a little finicky to track accurately given matches can be edited or deleted and the value would have to be stored separately because of retention periods. 30 or even 60 days would make it easier to “guarantee” things are accurate and also maybe make it feel more competitive? I’m guessing all time it going to be generally preferred though.

I’ll add a poll in case anyone reading this wants to give their preference

  • Last 30 days
  • Last 60 days
  • All time
  • Other (I’ll mention it below)

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Yeah, all time would be better i think (but 60 days is fine tho)
Anyway, you can deny a player to edit a match if it is calculated in the leaderboard

I suppose I’ll see what people vote and what I’ve got to work with technically speaking when I add it. Depending on how complex it ends up being I could maybe try for a best of both worlds thing and have it toggleable between 60 days and all time.

I think that would almost universally disable editing :smile: I’m sure there’s a way to do it - there’s a couple other uses for “all time” stats I’ve had on my mind for a while so it’d be a useful thing to work out.

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thank you for considering it :slight_smile:

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