NightLight Roadmap

By popular request I’ve decided to put together this list, it’s far from complete but should give you an idea of the larger things you can expect to see added to NightLight. This is a working document so you can expect to see fairly regular changes as things are completed and more of my secrets plans are requested.

Likely next additions:

This list isn’t definitive as one feature might inspire or necessitate working on something else but generally speaking, these are things you’ll likely to see in the near future. There’s also some larger additions which for various reasons are less definitive and will come as more of a surprise.

  • Match reidentification (for matches uploaded before things were recognised (Bloodpoints, Prestige etc) or for helping find any incorrect identifications).
  • Match & Overview sharing links

Side tasks:

These are things I’ll work on as a break from the main stuff, they tend to be either lower effort or things that would improve the site but can’t really be prioritised over the main tasks. As I work on these when I need a “break”, their timeline is much less predictable.

  • Perk information tooltips
  • “Friend” privacy setting for Profiles
  • “Dead” Status types
  • Show proportion of Maps/Realms caused by offerings
  • Email Changing

Future tasks:

  • Map escape/kill rates
  • Community Item usage stats
  • Character pages/community stats
  • Generator & Hook State Tracking

Recently Completed/Progressed:


  • Match List Page Rework (Advanced Filters, Preview)
  • New Date Picker
  • Build Challenge History


  • Advanced Overview Filters
  • Unlocks Page


  • Association Editing
  • Shared Match Edits/History
  • Farming Game/SWF/KYF Tags


  • Badge list page
  • Referral “codes” to replace the old referral links
  • Longer sign in validity
  • Account, Match and other page UI reworks/improvements


  • Identification improvements (mainly for the “eye” perks)
  • Recognition Display warning system
  • Items & Offerings moved to the new semi-user trained recognition system
  • Multiple Perk Icon Support (for the DLC & non-DLC Stranger Things icons)
  • Upload Processing time improvements (~60% reduction)


  • Username changing
  • Upload settings (Stranger Things & Custom Icons) - used for recognition training
  • Perk Page Rework
  • Upload limit increased to 5mb
  • “Saved Changes” notice bar


  • Bloodpoint, Prestige, Character Name, & Cross Platform Recogntion
  • Overview graphs for the above
  • Giveaway system/page
  • Discord role management system for Supporters & Giveaways