NightLight's new home,

Small announcement but one I’m rather happy to be able to make. As part of a few things that are in the works, I’ve decided it’s time for NightLight to move out and get it’s own domain, may I present to you…

Part of me is sad to see “boop” no longer be part of the address but this should make things look slightly more professional and maybe make NightLight a little more memorable and recognisable. I’m going to hope people still check the site out as I remember a couple of comments to the effect of “I don’t care if it’s any good, it’s got boop in the address, I’m checking it out” which amused me to no end but I hope wasn’t the only reason you all took a look.

I want to take a second to thank the supporters for their generosity as it has made NightLight’s new home possible. I have a couple of plans for things that are in the works (including something really significant) and these donations allow me to spend more time working on the site and will hopefully let me commission some cool graphics and things in the future.

(All old links will be redirected to the new ones and should function correctly for the time being but may not forever. If you’ve linked your NL profile (or anything else) somewhere that matters, I’d recommend updating the link at some point if you can).