Option to count given hatch as a kill (or separate category)

I would love if there was an optional stat you could add for if the last survivor was intentionally given hatch. Would be useful as a survivor to see how often a killer is altruistic and decides to give hatch, and as a killer main myself, it would also be interesting (albeit less so imo) to see how often I give hatch, as I do tend to give hatch so long as I’m not trying to complete a tome that requires me to get kills, so I’ll end up with a lot of 3 kill games. I know its not a major thing but I’d be interested in being able to keep track of it.

Hey! You’re in luck - this is something that will be added as part of some other additions in the next update or two. I very much agree that it would be nice to have and as it happens it’s kind of necessary for some other stats too. Thanks for the request :slight_smile:

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Took a little longer than I was intending (sorry!) but this has now been added: Escape Types, 30 Day Build Challenge Leaderboard, Bug Fixes

Hopefully that does what you’re after, do let me know if there’s anything else!