Option to see the chat when uploading screenshots

Because dead by daylight has no way to see what map you are on from the menu I’ve been taking the habit of adding the map in the chat so I can log. However since when I upload screenshots it cuts out the chat that is difficult. Just an option to see the chat would be convenient.

That’s a rather interesting idea, I’m definitely open to adding something for this although as it would take a decent bit of doing I think I’d need to see a few people express interest. If you’re reading this and are also interested, please give it a vote!

If you select the settings then go to “Match Details” you are able to see what map you were on:

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Yeah, that’s definitely handy. I think the issue is that a lot of people opt to upload in batches at the end of a session so may well not remember the map for each game. I could (and have considered) adding a way to upload the match details screen for recognition as well, but it’s a whole extra layer of complexity and hassle - as would be having to open a second screenshot of the match details to check. Being able to view the match chat is about the simplest solution I’ve come across and is one I’m hoping to support.

This doesn’t show up it always shows up as unknown for me