Options for Dc'd players

I was just in a game with doctor and basically 4k’d. However one of the players dc’d right before I hooked them (they were on death hook).

I was thinking maybe there could be an option to select what hook state the dc’d player was on. Im not sure but i think that match probably would of been counted as a 3k if i uploaded it, but it would be cool if you could select something like idk the dc’d player was on death hook there for it could count as a kill technically and still go towards your average kills.

Hey, I believe the current behaviour treats the statuses as being one of two states, escapes and then everything else - in other words anything that’s not an escape is counted as a kill.

In any case, I’ll be adding a way to mark hatch escapes as being given and maybe I could build on that and add a way to specify the “true” status of a disconnected player? Obviously that would be down to each person’s own interpretation but it might be handy?


oh okay, yeah i wasnt sure if it did count it or not. The hatch feature would be cool too. sounds good!