Perks list & Global stats

It’s shiny new features time, I’ve had some fun working on this one. The main addition is the first appearance of “global” stats and by that I mean the stats of every random in the NightLight database (there’s quite a few). This stat takes the form of perk usage across each rank, I’ve found it really interesting to see and I hope you do too. Of course, this stat needs somewhere to go and what better place than on a page with a bunch of other info about each perk. You can find these all of these under a new “Perks” tab.

There’s much more I’m wanting to do with global stats, this felt like the best place to start so I can get an idea of the technical challenges and avoid some of the biases in the still somewhat limited dataset.


  • Added the perk list page
  • Added individual perk pages with global rank based usage stats
  • Included the killer on the Matches page table
  • Added an experimental Killer filter to the Overview (supporter only currently)

As always, feedback is appreciated.