Player Association Editing & Autodetection

It would be neat if, when reviewing a screenshot, the system would also try to determine which player is you, either by checking if any of the survivor rows has a lighter background, or possibly by checking your ingame username if you provide one. It may not be 100% accurate, and I’m not sure if it would be problematic with shared matches, but it would be helpful if you accidentally marked yourself as the killer after playing survivor and the site could prompt you to double-check. Alternatively, this could of course also be solved by being able to edit this later. The thought for this request just occurred to me randomly and was totally not prompted by something that may or may not have happened for a repeated time a few minutes ago.

I think it would be good enough if every player would be set as random by default. This should reduce the mandatory clicks from three down to one (for solo queue players anyway).

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I don’t hate the idea, though I imagine it’s a non-negligible amount of work to implement.

But just to chime in, in case you didn’t know, you can double-click “Me” on the review page, and this will auto-apply “Random” to all other players, and saves just those few seconds of extra clicks. Hopefully that helps for a bit!


I would like to second this idea. I think it is maybe THE feature I am missing the most. This would save many people a lot of time and remove tracking errors. Afterall, the upload is the core workflow of NightLight.

Should I open a feature request for this? I really hope this request did not get missed.

I would love to help with the implementation of the feature, if that is an option. I would think that the implementation of this should be straight forward. We already can track bloodpoints, then most player names should be possible, shouldn’t they? At least for most names that only contain ASCI characters, this should be rather reliable. A simple crosscheck against the user name and their friends’ names, should cover 95% of the cases.

This seems like a good idea, I think having it so when you’re playing killer, it will detect that and automatically apply random to all the survivors, letting you apply friend if you got matched with a friend.

Please, i need this <3
Would also be nice to have the map autofilled, but i understand it’s not possible because not showing in the endgame scoreboard.