Public Profiles

It's a fun update today - I've added public profiles. I've had a vision for them for ages but I've been held back by one major factor - needing render of the characters, wait what? You'll see ;) Anyway, I've tried to make profiles be a summary of your stats rather than a fully detailed thing which shows your single digit escape rate vs Micheal... It's okay, I won't tell anyone. I've tried to push my ability with the design which I think has turned out pretty well.

There’s more I want to do with these profiles but I want to hear what you think and your ideas for what else should go on there. There’s also some new systems I’ve made for this which I want to test out a little more publicly before I expand on them any more.

As a thank you to supporters, I’ve made profiles fetch their avatar/bio from the forum if they have one set.

If you’re curious what profiles look like, here’s mine:

Experimantal: Off Meta Scores

You might notice at the bottom of profiles there’s now an “Off Meta Score” for each role. This was one of those ideas that really stuck in my head and I could resist trying out. I’ve attempted to make a “formula” for calculating how off meta perk usage is compared to NightLight’s global perk stats. The result is of course an arbitrary value but from my testing it does seem to show some promise - even if it might need a little tweaking.

It’s sad how a few perks dominate such a large proportion of the overall perk usage. Maybe this will shine a small light on it and maybe it’ll even give a bit of satisfaction when you add a couple of points to your scores the next time you play.

Profile Caching

As was shown to me recently, it’s quite impressive how much load the right person sharing a link can generate. As such, I’ve been putting even more effort into the performance of the site and I’ve decided to cache profiles. By this I mean, profiles won’t be generated again for 15 minutes after they’re viewed “first”. In the next couple of days I’ll be looking to add a mechanism which clears the cache for supporters if they update any matches. I think this is a reasonable trade-off for preventing a fair bit of load on the servers.



  • Added public profiles
  • Added a new home page


  • Split “Random” player association into “Random Survivors” and “Random Killers” on the Overview page to allow for better kill rate filtering.
  • Improved loading times of perk pages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where notifications might be checked without being signed in under certain conditions
  • Improved the mobile appearance on a couple of pages
  • Various other small things - it’s amazing how many bugs you find when 400 people visit the site at once.