Screenshot Requirements

As NightLight relies on image recognition, there’s a few requirements for the images you upload. On top of these, there’s also some recommendations (which are what the system is optimised for). If you only meet the requirements your results probably won’t be great. Feel free to experiment and find a balance that works for you.

Screenshot Requirements:

  • Default icons
  • 1080x720p or greater - very much a minimum requirement, results will likely suffer
  • 3MB or smaller - This can be raised if you really need it but almost all of screenshots are much smaller than this. If yours are larger, I ask that you check you screenshot settings first (file format, compression settings etc). If you want any help with this, feel free to reach out in the Discord or here on the Forum.


  • 1920x1080p or greater
  • 16x9 aspect ratio
  • 100% UI Scale
  • No/Minimal filters - a lot of people do use filters, but it’s not optimised for it. Feel free to try with it but your milleage may vary.

What screen should I be uploading?

You want to upload pictures of the following screen. There’s no need to crop it (in fact cropping it will likely cause it to not be recongised).

More reading:

How to take screenshots: How do I take and where do I find screenshots? - Docs - NightLight Community

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