Screenshots not uploading

There is something going really wrong because I can not upload screenshots at all. When I try to upload matches, there comes this red box full of cryptic messages/codes in the area where you drag your screenshots. I have tried logging off and out, restarting browrser etc etc. I can not add a screenshot of that red box to this topic for some reason. But it seems like it has nothing to do with “Not a match” or “Not valid screenshot”. I don’t use custom perk icons and website has worked nicely before.

Same here! and I use a custom perk icons pack that works with this

Probably not the right place to ask this but which pack you use?

Pearlscent I am gonna make a post about what packs are broken and what packs are not after the events

Hey! Sorry, it should be sorted now, I’ve been revewing some settings as there’s been an increase in bot traffic targetting the site - unfortunately one of them deemed uploading screenshots to be too suspicious… :upside_down_face:


It is working now. Thanks.

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