Screenshots won't upload

The screenshot doesn’t appear to be of a scoreboard (or something prevented it from being recognised).

I am confused as I do use custom icons. It worked last night, but it keeps giving me the same invalid error now. Any way to go about fixing this?

Hey! I’ve just taken a look and I see the pack you’re using a fair bit. Unfortunately recognition of screenshots with it are very it or miss due to the icons having such little contrast from the perk backgrounds.

I wish there were something I could do to improve it but I don’t think there’s anything that would help without adding a lot of inaccuracy. All I can really suggest is trying to find a pack with higher contrast (still with the default “shapes” of course) or ideally, just using the standard icons. Sorry!

All good ty for quick reply! so basically a pack without the colored in background?

If you are okay with it I would love to make a post on what packs I found that are broken with nightlight and ones that work?

Well, I built the system around the defaut icons so the closer they are to that the better. As I quickly realised, a good few people play with filters so I made the system rely more on shape than colour. The issue is, for that to work it has to be able to determine where exactly “the shape” ends and the background starts which is where a clean and strong contrast between the two really helps. So it’s more about a clear difference between the colours than quantity of it.

I have no problem with that at all but I’d be surprised if many work well. I’d love to do more to support icon packs but the sheer quantity of them makes it hard to know where to start (not to mention, I can’t identify some of what people upload, I don’t know how I’m supposed to write code that can :smile:). I suppose I could try making a poll to see what people want to use, though I’d be amazed if one or two come out on top (which it would realistically have to be to start with).

Cool once the event is over I will try to do like 2-3 matches with the most popular updated packs since you said some packs may work once and then not work next time and make a post about which ones work and which ones don’t and maybe ppl can post if others don’t work and I can update the list I think nostalgia is a pretty popular one for older players as well

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