Some additional default tags/data to optionally prompt for

I’ve been tracking some data that can’t be automatically detected by adding to the notes of each game. With the new custom tags feature, I’ve been trying to do the same thing but also making it searchable. However, I’m already seeing that I’m going to flood my list of tags fairly quickly.

Would it be possible to add a data entry button for each Survivor tracking the number of hook states they had throughout the match? Likewise, would you open to adding another dropdown option - similar to how it works with specifying escape methods currently - where you can specify where a Survivor suicided on hook or was abandoned by teammates? Also an optional field for tracking the number of gens remaining at the end of a match would be wonderful.

Those are the main things that are getting cumbersome for me to manage currently. I have more potential extras but they are honestly great issues for the tag system to handle already - it’s just a case of whether you’d be interested in making them base features for all users.