Teachable Unlocks, Build Challenge Additions, Discord Sign In, and more

Hey all! A new update is now live, this one brings some cool Build Challenge related features, several account changes (including Discord sign in), and something I'll reveal more about in the next few days.

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • You can now track your unlocked teachables. These can be used to limit the Build Challenge to builds made of perks you have unlocked. You can also get notifications when perks you haven’t got appear on the shrine.
  • There’s a new “Build Availability” tool on the Build Challenge which you can use to see if a build has been run or not.
  • For the Streamers out there, there’s now a version of the Build Challenge page you can use in a browser source in your streaming software. You can find more about this on the Build Challenge page.
  • You can now sign in/up with Discord which should make trying out NightLight a little easier.
  • There might now be a way to upload screenshots with a shortcut via a desktop app. Hypothetically speaking, this might be made available to everyone in a few days after it’s been tested by a few users.



  • Added checkboxes to the teachables page to keep track of unlocked perks
    • Added a system to (optionally) auto-unlock teachables you run in matches
  • Added a system to send you a notification when teachables you haven’t unlocked appear on the Shrine
  • Added a Build Challenge window for streamers
  • Added a Build Challenge availability checker which lets you check if a build has been run before
  • Added the option to sign in/up using Discord
  • Added an “Active sessions” card to the account page
  • Added a way to create and manage API keys which allow uploading screenshots through a desktop app (more on this soon™)


  • Completely redesigned the account system to better support all the features that have been added since its creation
  • Added the new perks to the Build Challenge and built a system for doing so with future DLCs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Shrine updater
  • Fixed the nav bar overlapping match review
  • Fixed a bug which caused the supporter grace period to be bypassed under certain conditions
  • Improved the invalid filename warning message on the upload page
  • Fixed a spacing issue on the Perk pages
  • Fixed a spacing issue on the Shrine
  • Fixed a date rendering issue when using Firefox
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause uploads to fail under certain conditions
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