Top builds, commonly paired perks, shrine page

I’ve been a bit busy the past week or so and consequently this update’s taken a little longer than I wanted but at last, here’s the latest additions:

  • Added “Most common builds” and “Commonly used with” on the global perk pages (Totally not because people ask me about builds and I haven’t a clue what works with what)
  • Added Shrine page because no DBD related website is complete without one, there’s also an endpoint streamers can use to fetch it via bot command
  • Added 12 hour and 180 day date ranges to the dashboard (180 days is only available to supporters)
  • Various UI improvements and a fancier footer which should also play a little nicer with smaller screens
  • Added a work around for a flaw in Buy Me a Coffee’s API so supporter renewals should update automatically
  • Improved mobile friendliness by a lot because a surprising number of people visit the site on their phones
  • Fixed a bug which could stop certain pages from loading correctly
  • Simplified/optimised various API calls and reduced the number of requests made
  • Fixed a couple of other bugs and probably added several more

Now to go and work on the dozen other ideas I had while coding this…