Upload screenshots via a keybind with ShareX

For this tutorial, you will need an API token, you can create one at nightlight.gg/account/api. Make sure you give they key the “Upload” permission.

1. Download & Install ShareX

2. Open “Custom uploader settings”

3. Personalise the following ShareX config with your API Token

With the API token you created earlier, you’ll want to copy the following config to somewhere you can edit it and replace the “REPLACE_ME” part of the Authorization line with it.

  "Version": "13.6.1",
  "Name": "NightLight Uploader",
  "DestinationType": "ImageUploader",
  "RequestMethod": "POST",
  "RequestURL": "https://api.nightlight.gg/v1/upload",
  "Headers": {
    "Authorization": "Bearer REPLACE_ME"
  "Body": "MultipartFormData",
  "FileFormName": "file",
  "URL": "$json:data.url$",
  "ErrorMessage": "$json:error.message$"

4. Copy the edited configuration, click “Import” > “From clipboard”

Import config

We’ve now told ShareX how to upload to NightLight, the next step is to setup a hotkey so we can make use of it.

5. Close the Custom Uploader window and open “Hotkey settings”

Hotkey settings menu

6. Click “Add” to create a new hotkey

Create a new hotkey

7. Set task to “Capture active window”

Capture active window

8. Check “Override after capture tasks” and select “Upload image to host”

Feel free to deselect any existing options

9. Check “Override after upload tasks” and select “Open URL”

This step will make ShareX open the match review screen automatically. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to (you can find a link to review any unverified matches on the Matches page).

Feel free to deselect any existing options here as well.

Instruct ShareX to open the match review page after uploading

10. Check “Override destinations” and change the image uploader to “Custom image uploader”

Change the image uploader to our custom one

11. Check “Override default custom uploader” and make sure our NightLight Uploader is selected

Choose the NightLight custom uploader

12. Close the Hotkey window and set a keybind

Note: You can set/change the keybind by clicking on the keybind text, I’ve set mine to CTRL + N

Set the keybind

You’re good to go (hopefully)!

If you want to test it, you can open an old screenshot in full screen and try out your shortcut there. If it works, be sure to delete the match to avoid messing up your stats though!

If you do run into issues, feel free to make a post on here or in the Discord and I or an awesome member of the community will try our best to help.

More Info:

Final Hotkey Settings Window: