Uploading via hotkey with ShareX

Hey all, a few days ago I added the ability to upload screenshots with a single key press by using a program called ShareX. As it was something really experimental, I invited a few people to test it out. Today, I’ve made it available to everyone.

Before I go any further, I want to talk about something - I’ve teased the possibility of a NightLight desktop app previously and I even spent a fair bit of time building one. Unfortunately, while I was building it the platform I was looking to use ran into an issue with players getting banned in one game. While it’s a fairly isolated issue (with a completely different game/publisher) it didn’t help given there already were no guarantees BHVR/EAC wouldn’t take issue with a NightLight app. This is where ShareX comes in, it’s a really neat open-source tool that lets you take and upload screenshots and importantly, is already widely used so shouldn’t cause any issues. My hope is that one day NightLight might grow to the point I could get some degree of a “Go for it” for something more custom from BHVR. Until then, I don’t want to do anything that could risk my or anyone else’s account.

Okay, back to the new stuff…

ShareX Uploads

If you’re interested in trying this out, I’ve written up a guide you can find at the link below. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple to setup as I’d like but once you’ve done so, uploading a match is as simple as a key press.

One really cool thing to note is this doesn’t just take and upload a screenshot; it will also open the match review page for it automatically.

Monthly Upload (not so) Limits

As I’ve made uploading more accessible I’ve added a monthly upload limit - this is not in any way intended to actually limit you but is instead designed to prevent possible abuse.

The current limits are 400 by default and 800 for Supporters. This isn’t intended to be a supporter perk it just happens to be that supporters generally upload more so will allow that trend while limiting the impact new accounts could have. I’ll be keeping an eye on these values and adjusting them if necessary.

If you find yourself reaching the limit, please let me know as l can change it on an individual basis and already have for a couple of people who were a way above the average.

Future Plans

The last few updates have had a big focus on bringing things up to the “standard” of the newer additions. This project was my first real project in several areas and there were a lot of things I know now that I didn’t when I wrote a lot of it. I’ve now got things to the point where I’m ready to once again focus on the main point of the site - the stats. I’m not ready to reveal specifics but I will say that there’s going to be some significant additions in regard to global stats as well as something to make sharing stats a whole lot easier.

One final thing I want to say is thank you to everyone and especially to the supporters - I haven’t been working on NL as actively as I’d like the past couple of months due to other commitments and mental health but despite that many of you have stuck around. I know this isn’t like streaming or anything else that requires one to be there every day but nonetheless, seeing many of you still coming back to use the site and being in a position where server costs aren’t a concern is so incredibly appreciated.