2023-08-07 Release Notes - Bot, Hook & Gen Tracking, Filtering & QoL Improvements!


Added search aliases

Dropdowns options now also support searching by aliases, the initial options primarily come from a #share-your-thoughts post in the Discord. If there’s any other aliases you’d like to see work, add them to that post.

Current aliases:

  • Perks: Some acronyms (e.g. bt, dh, coh), previous names, character name
  • Characters: Nicknames (e.g. Freddy, Bubba)
  • Offerings: Category
  • Map Offerings: Realm & Map(s), Dusty Noose for Shattered Bottle

New Datapoints & Graphs - Bot, Hooks & Gens

There’s now a way to track whether a player was a bot - literally speaking that is. The scoreboard’s bot text isn’t automatically recognised yet but will be in the future.

While I was there I decided to also add a way to record hooks and generators. These of course can’t be recognised from the scoreboard but are interesting datapoints which I know some of you would like to track.

Each player now has a UI to select between 0 and 3 hooks - you can also click it again to unset it if needed.

Player hook tracking

As tracking hooks on a per player level isn’t always practical or of interest, there’s also a way to specify the total hooks in a match. This value is independent to the player hooks and has it’s own Overview graph. For convenience, there is an option to synchronise it with the player hooks for the game. (Both the player and total hooks are currently independent of player statuses - I plan on adding some QoL stuff in that regard but there’s some more technical work that needs to be done first and other priorities currently).

Next to the total hook input you’ll also find one for the remaining generators. Like hook tracking, it’s not required to fill this out but the option, filters, and graphs are there.

Gens left and total hooks

New Filters

To support the new datapoints there are of course some new filters (and a long overdue player role filter). These are fairly self explanatory - the numerical ones (Hooks & Gens) function the same way as the existing Bloodpoint and Prestige filters. You can specify a value, greater/less than, or a range. The bot and role filter provide checkboxes for the possible states.

  • (Match) Total Hooks
  • (Match) Gens Left
  • (Player) Bot
  • (Player) Hooks
  • (Player) Role

To make the kind of filter more obvious, each now has an icon indicating whether it is a match or player level filter. This appears both on the filter rows and in the new filter dropdown:

Filter kind icons

Match player filter combining

There was a significant gap in the filtering capability previously - you couldn’t find matches with players who met a combination of filters. For instance, you couldn’t find games with specifically a killer who disconnected - only games with disconnected player(s). This update sorts that by giving you the option to combine player filters in a given match group.

The “old” behaviour - treating the player filters independently, this would find matches with one or more disconnected player… and a killer (which is largely why the role filter didn’t exist previously):

The new behaviour (at least when the combine option is enabled) - this will find games with a killer who disconnected:

The combine option is just that, an option, there’s scenarios in which you would want it to work either way. I’m really excited for this to finally exist as it makes what were already really powerful filters even more so.


  • Changed filters which have no effect to have their names greyed out
  • Changed the escape sub type selector to show the status icon
  • Bloodpoint values greater than 100,000 are now supported on the recognition editor
  • Added a “skip to main content” link
  • Added a “download zip” link to Icon Packs to save having to paste/navigate to the zip link manually
  • Improved various UI elements & added more help text and documentation links

Bug Fixes

  • Prevented the match summary escape/kill pie indicator from showing a value for incomplete matches
  • Fixed a loading issue which could affect the Dashboard when having no recently claimed builds
  • Removed some erroneous padding from dropdowns
  • Made various fixes to filters when dragging them between groups
  • Fixed an issue which would cause using the association filter on the matches page to return an error
  • Fixed a time zone related issue which could cause the matches over time graph to have slightly misaligned start and end dates when a date range filter isn’t used
  • Fixed an issue which allowed the sidebar to be focusable when hidden
  • Fixed the default avatar being shown for cached profile views
  • Fixed the status sub-type selector not updating when changing a status with the recognition editor
  • Fixed an error when using the prestige filter with a range

NightLight Desktop

  • Changed Offerings to be grouped by function on the installer
  • Added an “Unused” sub-folder for unused icons on the installer (not all will appear in there yet)
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