2024-04-14 Overview Overhaul, Survivor & Killer Pages, Match Sharing Links & More!

Hello! It’s been a while - I’ve ventured down a few rabbit holes and ended up with some changes to share with you. This update focuses on the stats side of the project and brings a number of improvements to the Overview, Match Review, as well as the general UI. It also brings new community stat pages for Killers and Survivors and various other improvements.

UI Updates

NightLight’s UI is something that is always evolving but I felt like it was time to make more significant changes. My goal has been to give more focus to the information we care about and compartmentalise things more clearly.

The main change to achieve this is “card” backgrounds now encompass the heading information and all the data under them. There’s no more spacing between rows, it just generally makes it easier to parse related information.

Here’s an example of the change, the old version is on the left and the new one is on the right:

This style has been applied across the site and the sidebar has received an update too, again with the hope of making things clearer and more understandable.

I’ve spent a good deal of time going through and updating everything but there might be some funkiness with things getting cut off or otherwise displaying in weird ways - if you notice anything, let me know!

Stat Tables

The eagle eyed among you might have noticed the new sorting icons in the offering table image. To provide more utility, tables across the site now support sorting by various columns - this is particularly useful with an addition to most of them which I’ll get to shortly. The position column will dynamically update depending on which column is being sorted by.

(There are some cases – like with community build lists - where table don’t support sorting due to the number of rows. This is something I want to change in the future).

New Match Review

With the addition of automatic scoreboard capturing, NightLight Desktop received an updated match review process. This has now been bought to the site as well. For more information on it, check out the original release post: 2024-01-09 Auto-Capture Early Access!

Overview Overhaul

Now we’re getting to the fun stuff, I’ve updated every chart in some way and shifted things around a bit. There’s a couple of new stats and generally more info on the charts we already had.

  • Matches: This now stacks the roles on top of each other to make it easier to visually sense how many games you’ve played. It also now groups the data by week if the range you’re querying extends over a year.
  • Perks: These now use the new stat table to allow sorting which is especially useful as the escape rate is now shown for each! Now we can once and for all see that Autodidact is the best perk in the game. Also, the “none” perk is now broken up by the duplicate appearance count to align with the community perk stats. I.e. it will now show as “1st Empty Slot”, and then “2nd Empty Slot” and so on for duplicate appearances in builds (these won’t count towards the position column).
  • Builds: These also use the new stat tables and include escape rates. In addition, they are no longer limited to the top 100 builds and will continually show more as you scroll.
  • Killers: This chart combines what were the Killers and Kill Rate charts. Context is extremely important when looking at kill rates so having the pick rates (and survivor counts given filters could exclude most of them) now makes it a bit easier see the Pig needs nerfing for that 100% kill rate in that one match you saw her. There’s also no more rainbow colour scheme for the bars… I’m not really sure what that was about but now we can give our undivided attention to what matters, which is of course the Pig, ok, I’ll move on…
  • Survivors: On the topic of “I don’t really know what that was about”, the Survivor’s chart now uses bars instead of that weird bar/line chart mix we had previously to convey pick and kill rates. You can also now control the chart’s sort order and whether legendary cosmetics are grouped under their base character or shown separately (these are options for the Killers chart too). There’s also a line to indicate a 50% escape rate to make it easy to determine if the universe is in balance.
  • The Pie Charts (Outcomes/Escapes/Hooks/etc): These now all list the percentages of each slice to avoid that generator progress-esque situation of “it’s about 90%” with friends when realistically it’s actually closer to 70% and you’re not going to get that adrenaline clutch you thought you would… Ok, but seriously it’s really useful.
  • Bloodpoints: This now shows the average for each role which is… depressing honestly, given how skewed they are from the event, sorry for the reminder. I will be doing more with this chart as the 40k+ limit means it’s not overly useful.
  • Offerings: As mentioned above, these now use the new stat tables and also now show their icons. I’d like to show more information for these in the future - maybe escape/kill rates, and perhaps even DC rates (Otzdarva law anyone?)
  • Realms: This now shows the kill rate for each realm and allows sorting by the match count/kill rate too.
  • Tags: The usage percentage is now shown for each tag and the limit for how many can be shown has been removed.

New Stat: Scoreboard Positions - this entirely new chart shows the percentage of survivors in each of the 4 scoreboard positions. It’s rather interesting filtering by friend or randoms and seeing where you tend to sit comparatively! I’m sure no one will take your answer out of context…

In addition to all these changes, there’s also now a loading overlay on each card to make it more obvious when your new filters have actually applied, or if something goes wrong, when they haven’t.

As with everything, I’ve ended up with a bunch of stuff I still want to do here but I think it’s in a pretty good spot currently. I’m eager to hear your thoughts on it - it’s a significant change from what we had and I’m sure there’s still things that could be done better.

Perks Pages

These now contain an escape rate by patch chart, and the usage rate chart has changed from weekly to by patch. The range it covers has also been extended much further back instead of just covering the last year and usage counts have been added to it as well.

Escape rates have been added to the most common builds and the commonly used with table now shows all perks and is sortable with the new stat tables.

Match Sharing Links

It’s now possible to share matches publicly via a link! On the match page and match previews you will find an option to enable sharing - this will get you a unique link which will let anyone view the corresponding match. Notes and custom tags are hidden and if need be, you can delete a sharing link at any point.

Match Share Link

Survivor & Killer Stats

This one has long been requested - both Survivors and Killers now have their own individual pages! These pages include pick and escape/kill rates by patch, plus their most used perks and builds. (In the future I’ll be adding more info to these like map performance for killers - this specifically ended up being postponed due to technical reasons).

In addition to those, survivors also have a stat viewer for their pick and escape rates.

Here’s the page of the best survivor in the game… and if you fancy disproving that you can do so by checking out the new Survivor Community Stat Viewer: https://nightlight.gg/survivors/viewer


  • Added position numbers to the community stat viewer
  • Changed how patches are shown on community stat charts
  • Changed the match count badge so that it is no longer restricted by the match history limit. If you are past a milestone overall, your next upload should result in any applicable tiers being unlocked.
  • The match list killer sort now sorts by the order in which the killers were added
  • The match viewer now allows right clicks to reach the scoreboard image more consistently to allow copying the image (arguably less necessary now match links are a thing)
  • Removed the Stranger Things upload page setting, this was previously used to separate out the different icons for recognition training as they differed depending on whether the DLC was owned.
  • Fixed a couple of control bugs with the community stat viewer
  • Changed icon dropdowns to be sorted from newest to oldest
  • Added Naughty Bear as a killer option
  • Added a “legendary” badge to the character filter for legendary cosmetics
  • Fixed an issue which could cause 404 pages to instead be shown as generic error
  • Added Dead (Given) and Sacrificed (End Game Collapse) outcome variants, the former of which is regarded as an escape.
  • Corrected the Bloodsense Map’s name
  • Many other fixes and changes


I’ve had a lot of fun working on this update, hopefully you find the changes interesting/useful! If you like what I do, please consider supporting via Ko-fi (https://ko-fi.com/britishboop) - you can do a one-off donation or join for £3 a month and get some in-site perks as a thank you. Any contribution is greatly appreciated and means I can spend even more time bringing you future updates!