Bot players from DC's don't show as DC result on scoreboard

In the above screenshot, the Claudette disconnected and was replaced by a bot with the new disconnect bot system, and the bot escaped. This is counted in my stats as an escape, and not a DC, even though the player DC’d.

The recognition display does not allow me to change the result of the bot player to “Disconnected”, only to other types of escapes (escape - hatch, escape - key, etc)

It would be super helpful to either have the option to change the player’s result to results outside what the recognition display sees, or have the recognition display realize that the bots are disconnected players so that the graph in my stats accurately displays the amount of players that DC in my matches.

Hey, you can change the status by clicking & editing the status icon itself. The dropdown is just for selecting the subtype for the one that’s shown.

I do plan on recognising the bot text in any case - I’ve had quite a bit to work through this week, I’m hoping to have a look at it over the weekend - we’ll see how it goes.

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I tried fixing it by doing what you suggested, and the override doesn’t keep for me for some reason. When I open up the match again it had reset itself to an escape, and does so every time I try to override it again.

Either way, good luck, I hope all goes well. I’m not too hung up on this feature, since I mostly focus on the perk data in my matches, but it would be great to have.