Check Boxes for Unlocked Adepts

This idea just occurred to me, but since NightLight already has something to keep track of unlocked teachable perks, I personally think it would be cool to allow players to track their unlocked Adept achievements within the app, maybe allow Premium users to display all or some of them on their profile? I’m aware it’s a bit half baked but I don’t think anyone else has suggested it and honestly trying to view or brag about achievements is kind of terrible because of Steam’s awful achievement menus.

I’m actually planning to integrate Steam achievements directly but for users of other platforms this could be really cool. I imagine some will have concerns about the abusability of it but I could probably alieviate most of that with some “verified” icon/text on each.

The current system that marks the perks you run as unlocked doesn’t take adepts into account (which I can now do confidently as we know the character for the survivors) so it’s something I’ve got to work on anyway - I’ll definitely keep this in mind when I do.

(Side note, thanks for supporting!)

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