Items and add-ons data

I’m sure this is probably in your TODO list but it would be cool to know which are the most used addons and items.

This is information that exists in the score screen that is not being used yet.

It is, yeah - fairly commonly requested too which I fully understand. It’s a little bit awkward because of the sheer number of addons - I think there’s something like 500 odd in total, and there’s fair number which look rather similar too. I think it’s safe to say that it would take more than a day or two of work to get that working (if it’s even possible, there’s not all that many pixels to work with and I don’t know if there’s enough detail to distinguish some consistently).

The obvious “solution” would be to just add items which I’m planning to do in any case and maybe add survivor addons as there’s far fewer of those. I’ll play around with addons once I’ve worked through a couple of other things and see how viable it is.

As a somewhat related side note, I’ll mention that offerings are also on the to-do list, it’ll likely end up them and items that are added first.

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I’ve now added Item and Offering recognition! NightLight September 2021 Update

I’m going to mark this as completed as add-ons aren’t presently practical though they will remain on my personal list and I hope to be able to add them at some point.