Larger search criteria for unrecognized data

Sometimes for perks/items/offerings that are not recognized, I don’t know the actual name and it takes a bit to search for. I have this problem personally with some map offerings. I know where the offering sends you but I don’t know what it’s called. This comes up for me a few times with the Beef Tallow Mixture, which I know the name of now, but I’m left scrolling looking for it.

I just thought it could be useful if you could type in the realm name to find the offering, or type the character’s name in if you know whose perk it is but not that name. Maybe for items if you search medkit it lists all the health items, not just the ones with medkit in the name, as some are first aid kits, or toolbox shows them all.

Just thought more parameters would make it easier to search for things when you don’t actually know the name of it.