Make the Killer Killrates ( have an option to only see Killers POV for Kills?

Okay I know it sounds odd but let me explain:
in my personal opinion and kinda experience a lot of survivors will not track a game properly if they die early. If you get tunneled out you are not going to wait 10-15min for the game to end, so you will either track early (which cant be used for Killer Killrate) or not track at all. Meanwhile an escape will basically always be tracked properly, as a game only lasts 1-2min after that.
This leads to lower Killrates overall, and is a huge inaccuracy to the actual Killrates (check my spreadsheet comparision ).

I find that quite sad, so my proposal is to have an option to only view Killrates that were tracked by the Killers themselves and disregard the ones Survivors tracked. Most Killers will track their games properly as they can only do so when the game is over and the small amount that might skip bad games or a game they dced will imo make a rather minor difference. However this also comes with even less accurate stats for the less played killers sadly, which is why it should be optional.
I think overall the stats would be closer to BHVR stats with such an option!

It seems to me that the main reason for the discrepancy in the data lies in the fact that nightlight does not cover ANY players who play from console platforms. We’ve known for a long time that a gigantic portion of the player base is console players, so these discrepancies are normal. Moreover, players who use nightlight are likely to be in the upper MMR grid, which also affects the data in one way or another.

In any case, the nightlight statistics are the most accurate statistics and the most reliable. It is unlikely that the community will ever get statistics more accurate than what Nightlight offers.

Under such conditions, we shall recognize discrepancies of even 10 percent as insignificant, because we are still receiving data and can track trends and dynamics (pickrate for example)