Mastermind's power not being detected correctly


Was using JPEG, will switch to PNG (if size limits allows it) and test
(I’m guessing that the restriction to change is PROBABLY to not fuck up ratings/etc)

Tested with PNG, still same result with trapper lol

Hey, that’s curious - despite the PTB I haven’t got enough examples of the new icons to add them yet but it shouldn’t be misidentifying them. I’ll take a look at why that’s happening but in any case, with the number of uploads currently it shouldn’t be long before I can get them added. Thanks for the report!

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Another thing-

If I open my match from /matches, view my recent one and change killer to Wesker, it saves on the page but doesn’t save on the /matches list

Okay, the Trapper issue is hopefully now sorted - let me know how you get on. The match list bug will be sorted in the update I’m releasing later.

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Yep, Wesker got auto detected, recognition being buggy with some new perks but that should resolve later