NightLight October 2021 Update

Hey all, today's update mainly consists of QOL improvements, I've been working on something fairly significant along side this which I can't wait to be able to release, in the meantime though these changes should a couple of things a bit nicer to use.

One thing that’s needed a little love for a while is the perk pages, since grades were added the “rank” based usage graphs became fairly pointless and they’ve now been removed. To give a bit more use to those pages in their absence, I decided to go through all the old patch notes and gather all the changes for each perk… Yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway, long story short, you can now find a somewhat complete history of descriptions and changes for each perk on their related pages. There may be a mistake or two or something missing, if you happen to find anything, please let me know!

Something I’ve wanted to revisit for a while is the login and sign up pages, I’ve redesigned and simplified things a fair bit. I’d be curious to know what you think.

The last somewhat significant thing is a new Supporter page, the main reason for adding this was to reclaim some space on the account page for things that are coming soon™. I also took the opportunity to add a list of the supporters (which you can opt out of on the account page if you wish) and some other information to make things a bit clearer.



  • Added previous descriptions and changes to the perk pages
  • Added a new supporter page


  • Redesigned Login, Register and related pages
  • Improved the signup experience
  • Sorted the perks in Build Challenge builds alphabetically


  • Removed the rank based usage graphs from perk pages

Bug Fixes

  • Tentatively fixed a bug that would cause the uploader to have an existential crisis if two screenshots of the same match were uploaded and one was from before the scoreboard was fully revealed
  • Fixed a visual issue with the preloader while scrolling
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