Raise File Upload Size!

I play on a 3440x1440 monitor, so when I take screenshots they end up being 6.5-7.2 MB in size, which is over the upload maximum size so I have to use an online image compressor for each image. If this could be raised by just a few Megabytes it would make it so much easier!

Done! The limit is now 10MB.

Coincidentally I’ve been working on the upload logic the last few days and one of objectives was to raise the default limit so you timed this rather well. There was a technical limitation which prevented me from raising it further before but now there’s not much reason not to (despite most uploads being well under 2MB).

On a semi-side note, I would suggest looking into using ShareX to capture and upload via a single keybind (it also produces smaller files which means faster upload/processing). In the near future there will be an addition to NightLight Desktop to automate the capturing and uploading too.

Thank you so much, this is great news!

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i use Steam screenshot smaller file size