Some of my stats are deleted

i took a little break from playing dbd since the end of june, so i haven’t used this site either. now i’m playing again, and i noticed that a lot of the matches i played are gone from my profile overview. i had over 200 survivor matches, and now i have about 190, and i had more than 90 killer games but now i have less than that too, and the most seen killers and most played killers are also reduced.

Hey, there’s a limit on how far back matches can be viewed - it’s 60 days by default and 1080 for Supporters.

There’s more information about the match history limit and why it’s a thing here: Match History | NightLight

And more about Supporting here: Supporter FAQ | NightLight

And lastly, which is where you can become a Supporter if you wanted to.

Let me know if you have any questions.