2022-09-06 Release Notes - Recognition of Bloodpoints/Prestige/Characters & more, Giveaways!


  • Released an identification/Overview update with Bloodpoint, Prestige, Character. and Cross Platform recognition & graphs.
  • Added a Giveaways page & system
  • Added a Discord role management system for Supporters and Giveaways


  • Added Project W perk descriptions
  • Added Project W perks to the identification system, and improved CoH recognition
  • Added Wesker’s Render

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that could cause scoreboards not to appear on the match view page for the recipient of shared matches
  • Fixed a bug causing select perks to not render an image on profiles
  • Fixed a bug causing non-existent and private profiles to render not so gracefully
  • Fixed a bug which caused the recent games list to not render the survivor role icon on new profiles
  • Fixed a bug which caused perk usage tiers to not render on profiles
  • Improved the date display & placeholder for the profile recent games list
  • Fix @Zekey’s very important bug which caused one line of spacing to be missing from profile’s perk lists when navigating to them from another page
  • Added a better message when selecting a build with unreleased (PTB) perks in the Build Challenge availability picker
  • Fixed a couple of UI desync issues with the availability checker
  • Found the latest place where the unknown/none “perks” were hiding (the Perk List) and asked them to move on
  • Fixed a bug causing perk stats not to render on some global perk pages
  • Fixed an issue where Dwight (rightly or wrongly) was being included in the community Killer stat list